C.2.a DataverseNL / Tilburg University Documentation Review:

Not all documents in the File List are reviewed in the table below. Both the table below and the File List may include documents not referenced in the DataverseNL / Tilburg University CTS Application.

Document TitleRequirement Where UsedPurpose or Objective of DocumentOther Documents Referenced
Collaboration Agreement (not public)R0.Agreed functionalities, roles, responsibilities, and liabilities between Tilburg University and DANS. Technical management, application management, and storage is the responsibility of DANS, whereas functional management, archiving procedures, and general support is the responsibility of Tilburg.
Processor Agreement (not public)R0.Outlines the IT security measures, technical and legal obligations between DANS and Tilburg University. Also includes compliance with GDPR.
Service Level Agreement (not public)R0., R9., R16.Mutual service obligations are outlined, including updates, downtime, customer support, technical infrastructure, and development.
Research Data Management RegulationsR1., R4.Outlines Tilburg University's data management and data archiving policy.
DataverseNL General Terms of UseR2., R4.Terms and conditions for anyone who uses the DataverseNL website, the DataverseNL demo website, and any and all of the services provided on these websites. Includes account creation/registration, user submissions, rules and conduct, privacy, account termination, lack of warranties from DANS, limitation of liability, indemnification, dispute resolution, and copyright and trademark.None
Front Office / Back Office Service Agreement (not public)R3., R10.Relates to the SWORD interface used to transfer data for long-term preservation from DataverseNL to EASY.
Org Structure (not public)R5.

Template Data ReportR7., R8., R14.Appears as Appendix A in the DataverseNL Instructions for depositing data in Tilburg University Dataverse. Provides instructions on how to fill out the Data Report form field-by-field.None
DataverseNL Instructions for Depositing Data in Tilburg University DataverseR8., R12.Provides information about the Tilburg University Datavase, including how to prepare data for deposit, info about file formats and file sizes, rules around sensitive/private data, how to prepare documentation for datasets, the step-by-step procedure on depositing data, instructions on how to fill out the data report, and instructions on how to have a LIS Data Curator deposit datasets.
  • Tilburg University Data Policy
  • DANS File Formats*
  • CESSDA Guide to Anonymization
  • DataverseNL General Terms of Use*
DANS File FormatsR8.Links to the File Formats page on the DANS website. Provides a list of preferred and non-preferred file formats. Each file format has its own page with a description of what the format is and why they are or are not preferred formats.None
Project Workflow (not public)R10.This workflow is specific to the implementation of the SWORD interface between DataverseNL and EASY. A pilot project was started in September 2017. At the completion of the project, Front Office / Back Office Service Agreement.
About DataverseNLn/aProvides information about DataverseNL, how to log into it, where to get support, and which universities participate in the program.
  • DataverseNL General Terms of Use*
  • FAQs
  • DANS Disclaimer*
DataverseNL FAQsn/aIncludes 18 questions and answers about DataverseNL. Includes links to support services. Includes questions about how to create a dataset, what info is needed to deposit a dataset, what the difference is between dataverse and a dataset, how to delete a dataset or make changes to a dataset, what types of file formats can be used and the maximum size of the files, how to restrict access to files and create terms of use, how to share a dataset without it being published, and more.
  • Creative Commons Zero Waiver license

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