Scholars Portal is pleased to announce the beta release of the new Scholars Portal Books platform. We invite staff at OCUL schools to try searching, reading, and downloading on the new platform, and to complete the feedback survey here, or send us your thoughts by email to 

About the redevelopment

The Scholars Portal Books platform was released in 2009, when the ebook landscape looked significantly different. Consultation with the OCUL community indicated significant interest in renewing the platform, both to end reliance on software that is no longer supported, and to better be able to serve up content as it’s packaged and purchased today. In late 2014 the OCUL Directors approved funding for a two year redevelopment project.

The Scholars Portal Books platform has been completely redesigned from the ground up. All indexing and retrieval is now handled using MarkLogic, and our new built-in-house HTML reader delivers a significantly enhanced in-browser reading experience. Books metadata is now being loaded into MarkLogic in the BITS XML format, ending our reliance on MARC records to load content.

A new administrative interface will allow eresource staff to view their entitlements and license terms, and to generate KBART lists, MARC collections, and usage reports on the fly.

Redevelopment Timeline

Scope of the beta release (what's available now)

Scope of the Winter 2018 release (what we're working on this summer)

The Scholars Portal Books team is: Bartek Kawula, Sadia Khwaja, Ivan Jankovic, Sunil Manikonda, Ravit David, Annie Thomas Selvarajan, Bikram Singh, Jacqueline Whyte Appleby

With support from Anika Ervin-Ward, Kate Davis, Amaz Taufique, Thara Savio, Harpinder Singh, and Carlos McGregor Muro.

With thanks to the Books Reinvestment Working Group for their efforts in developing initial functional requirements:

George Duimovich, Carleton University (CHAIR); Sharon Bosnell, Trent University; Evelyn Smith, Brock University; Jennifer Easter, University of Guelph; Marlene Van Ballegooie, University of Toronto; Klara Maidenberg, University of Toronto; Carol Stephenson, Wilfrid Laurier (now COPPUL); David Fiander, Western University