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Digitization Program


Chapman, J., & Leonard, S. (2013). Cost and benefit of quality control visual checks in large-scale digitization of archival manuscripts. LIBRARY HI TECH, 31(3), 405–418.

In this paper, the authors scrutinize the benefits of visual checks versus cost using the data from a case study at the Triangle Research Libraries Network (TRLN). The paper is very informative and it would be in particular useful for those institutions that are in the process of building or improving their digitization workflow. The authors clearly delineate the types of error that can occur during scanning. While some error detection processes can be automated, detecting certain kinds of errors, need a human to compare visually the scan with the original.  The data collected and analyzed shows not only the financial implications, some well-balanced sampling rates, but it also reveals ways to improve training procedures.

Daly, R., & Organ, M. (2014). Embed and engage! Delivering a digitisation program at the University of Wollongong Library. AUSTRALIAN LIBRARY JOURNAL, 63(3), 220–237.

The article presents the full-scale implementation of a digitization program designed to support the organizational goals. The authors analyze the stages of the implementation showing the growth in each stage and demonstrating how the organization adapted to the circumstances by hiring new staff, adding new roles, exploring the use of vendors, and developing a framework that took into consideration standards, quality, preservation, interoperability, storage, and copyright. The authors identify the platforms used for presenting and/or preserving the digitized content, thus bringing into discussion visibility and file formats selected for long-term preservation.

Lampert, C., & Vaughan, J. (2009). Success Factors and Strategic Planning: Rebuilding an Academic Library Digitization Program. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND LIBRARIES, 28(3), 116–136.

This article seeks to uncover some of the success factors for digitization programs. In trying to answer some fundamental questions on success factors, the authors take an interesting approach overlapping the case study of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and a survey administered to the Association of Research Libraries members. An important aspect of the revitalization of their digitization program was to educate the staff on issues surrounding digitization and to get buy-in, calling for everyone's participation, to some extent, in the decision-making process. The conclusion is somewhat expected revealing that most institutions struggle when it comes to long-term sustainability and growth. While UNLV has managed to overcome staffing issues, the survey shows that most organizations still find it staffing being a significant challenge in implementing a digitization program.




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The author assesses the literature published from 2000-2005 in an endeavour to bring to the surface some of the common issues with digitization projects. While some areas of library digitization have improved, others are still struggling with the same problems as ten years ago. I think it is interesting to see that some of the concluding questions are still relevant today.

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