First meeting: Thursday June 18, 2015

In attendance: Kelly, Pat, Gabriela


1. Review feedback from last year


2. Discuss the logistics of holding an in-person summit is possible without funding


3. Come up with a plan :)

Gabriela Mircea to put together a plan (from last year: 2014 Event Planning)



Second Meeting: Thursday July 16


Third Meeting: Friday July 24 from 3:00-4:00


  1. Keynote - Pat to keep investigating 
  2. Demos
    1. Sent out emails to service providers
    2. Questions re: presenting remotely? Decided this is not a good idea.
    3. We will wait to hear back from those who might be able to attend in person.
      1. DGI can send a rep - contact is Erin Tripp,
  3. Call for proposals
    1. Gabriela Mircea will send out by mid-August
    2. Deadline = September 14th
    3. We'll review Sept. 14th - 18th
    4. Let people know if they're accepted by Sept. 18th 
  4. Look at Eventbrite for registration -
  5. Summit page

Fourth Meeting: Friday August 14


  1. Keynote ideas
    1. Pat spoke with Ontario Privacy Commissioner, they will let her know by end of next week. Timeslot flexible. 
    2. We will wait and see if we can get the Ontario Privacy Commissioner before investigating other options.
  2. Demos
    1. Erin Tripp confirmed that someone from DGI for Islandora can come
    2. Gabriela waiting for Archivematica confirmation 
    1. Also talked about having someone at CISTI (federal science library) - joint session with Leanne? 
  3. Review call for proposals
  4. Review Eventbrite
  5. Review Summit page
  6. Logistics
    1. Catering
      1. to be confirmed 10 days before the event, this means registration has to close on Oct 6
    2. Room set up
    3. Name badges
      1. Kelli can organize these and bring to event
    4. Registration desk
    5. Other logistics?


Fifth Meeting: Monday August 31

  1. Keynote
    1. Privacy Commissioner Office not sure they have enough relevant content for the event
    2. We will try to get someone from research office? Tri-councils?
      1. Agreed tri-councils would be best; Pat will get in touch with her research office to see if they have a lead for someone we could invite
  2. Demos - tentative schedule:
    1. Schedule 1 (tentative)

      Registration 9:30-10
      Keynote 10-10:40
      session 1 

      10:40 - 11

      break 11-11:30
      session 2 11:30-12
      session 3 Leanne Trimble, Scholars Portal (Dataverse)


      lunch 12:30-1:30
      vendor 1 Danny Lamb, Discovery Garden (Islandora)1:30-3
      break 3-3:30
      vendor 2 Artefactual Systems (Archivematica)3:30-5
  3. Presentation proposals
  4. Review Eventbrite to go live September 1
  5. Review Summit page
  6. Review tentative schedule
  7. Logistics - not yet (smile)

Sixth Meeting: Wednesday, September 16th at 12:30 p.m. 

  1. Keynote
    1. Gabriela in touch with keynote individual. He sent an outline. 
  2. Demos
    1. Confirmed, but Discovery Garden will be sending someone else.
  3. Presentation proposals
  4. Registration (Eventbrite)
  5. Review Summit page
  6. Review tentative schedule
  7. Logistics - not yet (smile)

Seventh Meeting: Monday, October 5th at 11:00 a.m. 

  1. Keynote
    1. yay, we have a Keynote! Gabriela updated the summit page
  2. Demos
  3. Presentation proposals
  4. Registration (Eventbrite)
  5. Review Summit page - information to be added?
  6. Review tentative schedule
  1. Logistics

We'll organize a dinner/drinks beforehand for people staying over

Eighth Meeting: Wednesday, October 14th at 11:00 a.m. 

Pre-summit teleconference