4.1.6 - The repository shall obtain sufficient control over the Digital Objects to preserve them.


Scholars Portal obtains rights from individual producers that give the repository control over some or all of the information deposited by the producer. The nature and scope of these rights varies by producer. In cases where the repository takes responsibility for the preservation of information, the rights include provisions for Scholars Portal to receive a local copy of the information and host it in perpetuity. This local loading allows Scholars Portal to completely own and control the digital copy of the content given to them by the Producer regardless of changes in the publishing world or changes in the library’s subscription policies. In some cases, the repository obtains the right to modify information in order to ensure long-term preservation and accessibility.

Scholars Portal workflow charts document the journey of the digital object from the time it is ingested into the repository until the time it is made accessible to the designated community.

Scholars Portal creates preservation metadata for each object in the repository and records any event that happens to the object along with the date and time of occurrence. The records use PREMIS markup conventions.

Documents explaining this in greater detail are available below.


Software Developer - Responsible for the creation of loader scripts.

Digital Preservation Policy Librarian - Ensures proper functioning of overall system.

Metadata Librarian - Authors NIH metadata crosswalk, if necessary.

System and Web Development Analyst - Receives notification of failed loader scripts.

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