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Scholars Portal Definition of DIP



  1.          Dissemination Information Package (DIP)


  • OAIS describes a DIP as "the Information Package, derived from a part, or all, of one or more AIPs, received by the Consumer in response to a request to the OAIS.”


  • Scholars Portal's DIPs are always generated from a single AIP /single article.


  • User access to archival objects is generally provided through the Scholars Portal website ( ), or through an OpenURL resolver service referring the user to the same.


  • The user is first authenticated, and will, depending on their level of access, see basic article metadata, article abstract (if it was included in the archival XML), and a link to the PDF article and HTML full-text article, as available.


  • Articles for which full-text XML metadata was provided will have additional information available through Scholars Portal in the form of references, tables, and figures.


  • Context information is provided in the form of links to other articles in the same issue of the journal, and the complete run of journal issues.


  • The DIP is retrieved using the URI for the corresponding AIP . In turn, the AIP contains metadata tying it back to the SIP.


  1.          References


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