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elements in blue adhere to the PREMIS definition of semantic units with the same name
spPresThe root element of a Scholars Portal preservation recordcontainern/a
objectIdentifierA designation used to uniquely identify the object within the preservation repository system in which it is stored.containern/a
objectIdentifierTypeA designation of the domain within which the object identifier is unique.stringURI
objectIdentifierValueThe value of the objectIdentifier.String/00664189/v41inone/253_ockersas
rightsDocumentation of Scholars Portal's right to perform one or more actscontainern/a
rightsLinkLink to the OCUL page containg information on granted preservation rights and electronic copies of executed contractURL
descriptiveMDA container for the archival object's descriptive metadatacontainern/a
eventLogA container for event objects relating to the entire archival objectcontainern/a
eventInformation about a preservation event in an entity's life cyclecontainern/a
eventIdentifierA designation used to uniquely identify the event within the preservation repository system.containern/a
eventIdentifierTypeA designation of the domain within which the event identifier is uniquestringSP Event
eventIdentifierValueThe value of the eventIdentifierstring/07351097/v41i0002/249_aatrobafapmi/pdf_fulltext/1318350243001
eventTypeA categorization of the nature of the eventstring (from controlled vocabulary)Ingest
eventDateTimeThe single date and time at or during which the event occurredstring2011-12-16T04:31:39
eventDetailAdditional information about the eventstringpublisher request
eventOutcomeInformationInformation about the outcome of an eventcontainern/a
eventOutcomeA categorization of the overall result of the event in terms of success, partial success, or failurestringPass
linkingObjectIdentifierInformation about an object associated with an eventcontainern/a
linkingObjectIdentifierTypeA designation of the domain in which the linking object identifier is uniquestringML Database
linkingObjectIdentifierValueThe value of the linking object identifierstringtdr : /15365581/v1986i0012/17_ladmdtroc_old1.xml
linkingObjectRoleThe role of the object associated with an eventstringprevious version
objectDescriptionDataWrapper element for descriptive metadataXML wrapperXML record
preservationMDA container for the archival object's preservation metadatacontainern/a
spObject (equivalent to PREMIS object)An object that aggregates information about a digital object held in the Scholars Portal repositorycontainern/a
objectCategoryThe category of object to which the metadata applies.stringfile
preservationLevelInformation indicating the decision or policy on the set of preservation functions to be applied to an object and the context in which the decision or policy was made.containern/a
preservationLevelValueA value indicating the set of preservation functions expected to be applied to the object.stringbit-level, full
objectCharacteristicsTechnical properties of a file or bitstream that are applicable to all or most formats.containern/a
compositionLevelAn indication of whether the object is subject to one or more processes of decoding or unbundling.int0
fixityInformation used to verify whether an object has been altered in an undocumented or unauthorized way.containern/a
messageDigestAlgorithmThe specific algorithm used to construct the message digest for the digital object.stringMD5
messageDigestThe output of the message digest algorithm.string7c9b35da4f2ebd436f1cf88e5a39b3a257edf4a22be3c955ac49da2e2107b67a1924419563
sizeThe size in bytes of the file or bitstream stored in the repository.int767314
formatIdentification of the format of a file or bitstream where format is the organization of digital information according to preset specifications.containern/a
formatDesignationAn identification of the format of the object.containern/a
formatNameA designation of the format of the file or bitstreamstringPortable Document Format
formatVersionThe version of the format named in formatName.string1.6
formatRegistryIdentifies and/or gives further information about the format by reference to an entry in a format registry.containern/a
formatRegistryNameA designation identifying the referenced format registrystring
formatRegistryKeyThe unique key used to reference an entry for this format in a format registry.stringfmt/20
formatRegistryRoleThe purpose or expected use of the registry.stringpuid
formatNoteAdditional information about format.stringTools providing this format identification: Jhove (1.5)
originalNameThe name of the dataset the object was originally a part of.stringannualreviews_backfiles_FLUID
storageInformation about how and where a file is stored in the storage system.containern/a
objectEventLogA container for event objects relating to a specific objectcontainern/a
contentLocationInformation needed to retrieve a file from the storage system, or to access a bitstream within a file.containern/a
contentLocationTypeThe means of referencing the location of the content.stringfile system
contentLocationValueThe reference to the location of the content used by the storage system.string/mnt/pillar/ejournals7/sci37/OXM17260/00063495/00900002/0672241X/main.pdf
relationshipInformation about a relationship between this object and one or more other objects.containern/a
relationshipTypeA high-level categorization of the nature of the relationship.stringstructural
relationshipSubTypeA specific characterization of the nature of the relationship documented in relationshipType.stringhas supplement
relatedObjectIdentificationThe identifier and sequential context of the related resource.containern/a
relatedObjectIdentifierTypeA designation of the domain within which the identifier is unique.stringURI
relatedObjectIdentifierValueThe value of the related object identifier.string/00063495/v90i0002/628_senapitics/object_3