OCUL and PHIRN launch Ontario Population Health Index of Databases (OPHID)

The Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) is pleased to announce the launch of the Ontario Population Health Index of Databases (OPHID: http://ophid.ca ).

OPHID offers Ontario’s population health researchers, students and decision makers information on a wide variety of quantitative information sources for and about Ontario, that reflect both the state of the health of its populations and possible explanatory variables. It is not a data-access platform; the objective of OPHID is to improve population health research by informing researchers about the existing data sources, the types of data they contain, and contact information for the data providers regarding potential data access. 

This project is a partnership between OCUL and PHIRN (Population Health Improvement Research Network, http://www.rrasp-phirn.ca/ ), a province-wide network linking population health researchers and community partners in order to improve the health of Ontarians and the sustainability of the health care system.  PHIRN has compiled the index content and provided funding, while OCUL’s Scholars Portal will host the index as well as creating and maintaining DDI-compliant metadata.

OPHID was officially launched on Friday September 30 at PHIRN’s event, Invitation to Building a Healthier Ontario Forum.