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I would like to temporarily dis-allow someone from using RACER, until they pay some outstanding fines. Which option should I use: Expire or Ban? What is the difference between these two?

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  1. Both the "Expire" and the "Ban" options will prevent a user from logging into RACER. However, expiring a user record also flags that record for eventual deletion from the database. If you only want to temporarily prevent a user from creating new requests, ban the user record by setting the "Banned in VDX?" field to "Yes". This can then be switched back to "No" when the user is re-instated.

    To expire a user record, there are 2 options. Either:

    1) Call up the record and click "Edit". Then enter a date in the Expiry Date field and click "Submit" to save.


    2) Click the "Expire" button in the brief search results. This automatically inserts the current date in the Expiry Date field.

    To un-expire a user record, simply delete the date in the Expiry Date field and click "Submit" to save.