When a borrowing request is flagged as a local holding, the local OPAC location sometimes appears in the rota rather than the actual library location. If requesting staff need to proceed with the request (e.g., because the item is lost or checked out, or the requested volume is lacking, etc.) it is important to first remove the local location before authorizing the request.

If the local location is not removed before the request is authorized, the request may end up Pending at an OPAC location. In this situation, staff have 2 options:

1)     Wait 5 days for the request to expire and automatically move on to the next location in the rota


2)     Action Cancel

If the Cancel option is used, access to the Windows Client is needed in order to respond “Cancel Reply Yes” and move the request on to the next rota location. The Cancel Reply Yes can be done either by the borrowing library's Bureau Administrator or by SPOT. For more information on performing this action in the Windows Client see the step-by-step document.

It is important that no other actions be made once the request is Cancel Pending or else it will get ‘stuck’ and the entire request will need to be re-entered on behalf of the patron.

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