Calendar of Events

All CTS project-related events and activities will be included on the calendar in section A.4.a, including those hosted by Portage.

Agendas and handouts for each meeting will be posted in section A.4.b when available.

Cohort Survey Responses from May 2021

Survey results are based on the responses of 11 participants.


Based on responses, a scheduled monthly meeting invite will be provided to cohort members which will include all summer months. Some of those pre-scheduled meetings may be cancelled and/or used for an event hosted by Portage. However, additional invites may also be provided, as needed.

Question 1: How often would you like to see activities or events offered?

45.5% = Monthly

27.3% = Bi-weekly

18.2% = As Needed

9.1% = Every 2-3 weeks and/or as needed.

Question 2: Would you prefer a regular day/time be scheduled in your calendar in advance (and cancelled if not needed), or would you prefer calendar invites as activities/events are planned?

63.6% = Regularly scheduled

27.3% = Both

9.1% = Invites as needed.

Question 3: Are there any upcoming months where activities/events should NOT be held?

7 respondents = All months are fine.

3 (+1) respondents = Not in August

1 (+1) respondent = Not in July

Question 4: What TYPES of events and activities would you be most interested in attending?

Listed in order of most to least respondents:

      • Q&A Sessions with Experts (11)
      • How-To Webinars (10)
      • Open Discussions with Cohort Members (10)
      • Open Discussions with Portage Expert Groups (8)
      • Scheduled Work Time (3)
Question 5: What TOPICS would you like to see covered in these events and activities?

Listed in order of most to least respondents:

      • Handling Sensitive Data Submissions (11)
      • Dataverse and Dataset Licensing (10)
      • Collections Development for Dataverse Datasets (10)
      • Data Curation Activities (10)
      • Digital Preservation Methods (9)
      • Policy / Process Documentation Procedures (9)
      • Completing the CTS Application (9)
      • Metadata Standards / Guidelines (7)
      • Designated Communities (6)
      • Governance Structures and Succession Plans (6)
      • Dataverse Minimums / Defaults Set at the Institution Level (5)
      • Mission Statements, Values, and Strategic Priorities (3)

Note: Each of these topics aligns with one or more requirements on the CTS application.

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