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This page outlines the key functionality and tasks that should be tested for each Dataverse upgrade.

For release testing, should be used. Note that this environment has e-mail disabled.

Release notes





  • API tokens now have and indicate an expiry date
  • Improved messaging on the login page
  • Internationalization of the Shibboleth login page
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Bug fixes



TaskTested byTester NotesSP Notes
Log into an existing account using Shibboleth

Log into an existing account using username/password

Create a new account via Shibboleth

Create a new account using username/password

Generate an API token for your account

Reset your account password

Update your account information

Create a new account using 'Other' for Affiliation

Email validation working 

Log out

Log in

Exploring & Finding Data

TaskTested byTester NotesSP Notes
Explore a dataset in the Data Explorer

Search for a dataset

Use the "Advanced Search" to find a dataset

Download single file, multiple files, download all files

Test downloading options for .tab file type

Creating, Uploading, Publishing & Removing Data

TaskTested byTester NotesSP Notes
Create a new Dataverse

Create a new dataset, including uploading data

Publish a Dataverse

Upload different file sizes (e.g. 1MB, 500MB, 2GB)

Upload .zip, double .zip, .csv

Upload .zip and verify the file hierarchy

Add files and verify version number of dataset

Deaccession a published dataset

Data Curation Tool (DCT)

TaskTested byTester NotesSP Notes
Open the DCT for a tabular file from the dataset page

Open the DCT for a tabular file from the file page

Open the DCT with the language set to French

Edit a file in the DCT and save changes to Dataverse

Create a group in the DCT and add variables to it

View the HTML codebook to verify changes made in the DCT

Permissions & Access Control

TaskTested ByTester NotesSP Notes
Request access to a file

Approve a request to access a file

Give permissions to a group (e.g. an IP group)

IP groups not available
Give permissions to individuals

Create a private URL for your dataset, and access it in a new window (not logged in - e.g. incognito)


TaskTested ByTester NotesSP Notes
Publish a dataset with html tags and special characters (e.g. '&') in the metadata

Edit metadata and verify version numbering

Multilingual Support

TaskTested ByTester NotesSP Notes
Toggle to French interface

Verify characters in menus

Scan for inconsistencies

Login page translations

"Universite Concordia - BCI" is coming from their attribute metadata


TaskTested By

Tester Notes

SP Notes
Retrieve SWORD service document

Add files to a dataset via SWORD API

Test metadata export


TaskTested ByTester NotesSP Notes
Submit a question through the support form

Email disabled
Create dataset guestbook, download guestbook

Check Scholars Portal Dataverse Guide ("About") and the User Guide

Share datasets

Cite datasets

Thumbnails viewable on Dataverse landing page


TaskTested By

Tester Notes

SP Notes
Integrate with Open Science Framework (OSF)


Superadmin functionalities (can only be tested by SP team)

TaskTested By

Tester Notes

SP Notes
Test dataset linking functionality

Manage users in dashboard

Manage harvesting server, create a new harvesting set, check OAI links

Create a new affiliation group

Edit an existing affiliation group

Move dataset using API and UI

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