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Scholars Portal Books

The starting URL should be "" and the rest is any parameter compatible with Solr (more about search parameters:

For example:
A simple query with XML response for Titles with "Degas": (maximum rows returned will be limited to 1000)
A fecet query with JSON response:

Solr throws an error if an undefined field is used, so make sure to include the correct field names from schema .

Scholars Portal Journals

GeoPortal API

Here are a full list of options you can send to the service:
> q = search terms (can be multiple)
> field = field constraints (can be multiple)
> fm = json or xml
> i = number of results per page (default is 10)
> p = page number
> val = facet constrain (eg: you want to search water, and constrain it by the keyword canada – val=KW:"canada")


To access the metadata follow the steps below:

  1. Search for records*))%2520AND%2520(coll:odesi)%26options%3Dodesi-opts2%26format%3Djson%26start%3D1%26pageLength%3D10

    Note that only 10 results are returned. The above url will need to be called repeatly until the "total" attribute from the first response is satisfied

  2. For each of the results returned, take the "uri" attribute and call{uri} to retrieve the metadata for each loaded study



ExLibris (SFX, bX, etc.)

Other Reference API's

Ontario Library Research Cloud



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