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Policy Development 

Digital Preservation Management WorkshopDigital Curation and Preservation Framework: Outline (v. 3)

Model document context:

Model document:

InterPARES 3 Digital Records PathwaysModule 2: Developing Policy and Procedures for Digital Preservation
Library and Archives CanadaDigital Preservation Policy Framework: Development Guideline  (v. 2.1)
SCAPEPolicy Framework
UK National ArchivesDigital Preservation Policies: Guidance for Archives

Policy Example Lists 

SCAPEPublished Digital Preservation Policies

UTL Digital Preservation Working GroupDigital Preservation Policy Examples and Models/Frameworks

OCUL Policy Examples 

McMaster UniversityStrategic Framework for Digital Preservation
Scholars PortalDocumentation Checklist
University of TorontoDigital Preservation Policy Working Group
York UniversityDigital Preservation Policy

Program Assessment

Artefactual SystemsTRAC review tool
AVPCost of inaction calculator
DRAMBORADigital Repository Audit Method Based on Risk Assessment (DRAMBORA)
Scholars PortalDigital preservation readiness and needs assessment interview guide (if you'd like an interview, contact us!) 

Digital preservation readiness and needs assessment content inventory
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