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Scholars Portal Books

The starting URL should be "" and the rest is any parameter compatible with Solr (more about search parameters:

For example:
A simple query with XML response for Titles with "Degas": (maximum rows returned will be limited to 1000)
A fecet query with JSON response:

Solr throws an error if an undefined field is used, so make sure to include the correct field names from schema .

Scholars Portal JournalsScholars Portal Journals

GeoPortal API

Here are a full list of options you can send to the service:
> q = search terms (can be multiple)
> field = field constraints (can be multiple)
> fm = json or xml
> i = number of results per page (default is 10)
> p = page number
> val = facet constrain (eg: you want to search water, and constrain it by the keyword canada – val=KW:"canada")

ExLibris (SFX, bX, etc.)

Other Reference API's

Ontario Library Research Cloud





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