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First meeting: Thursday June 18, 2015

In attendance: Kelly, Pat, Gabriela


1. Review feedback from last year

  • instead of poster session, have "demo" session
  • instead of having two streams (1 with a tech focus), have some sessions that could break out?
    • poll people > do people want the management side only or also the tech? Need to have mid-level tech to include both sides.
  • "it would be useful to have some pre-Summit homework or a testbed/sandbox to play in with all the software. "
    • might be hard to coordinate
    • could be helpful for assessing where people are 
    • consider when we have presenters interested
  • framing sessions around sustainability?


2. Discuss the logistics of holding an in-person summit is possible without funding

  • Gabriela Mircea will speak to her manager about committing meeting space and in kind support for food
  • Looking at October date - Kelli Babcock to send out poll once Gabriela hears confirmation
  • Kelli Babcock to send poll about summit theme:
    • Sessions on sustainability and ongoing management of digital curation
    • Sessions on increasing digital curation collaboration between institutions 
    • Workshops on practical skills in platforms
      • Islandora
      • Omeka
      • DSpace
      • Archivematica
      • Fedora 
    • Sessions on "Failing Better: Lessons learned"
    • Other topics (write in)


3. Come up with a plan :)

Gabriela Mircea to put together a plan (from last year: 2014 Event Planning)



Second Meeting: Thursday July 16


  • Keynote
    • Patricia Moore to investigate if the Privacy Commissioner of Long Term Preservation would be interested in being our keynote - present on how they have "failed better"
  • Save the date and call for proposals
    • Poll results:
      • Thursday, October 15th - 9.1%

        Friday, October 16th - 36.4%

        Both of these dates work for me - 54.4%

        Neither of these dates work for me - 0%

    • Kelli Babcock to send out save the date for Friday, October 16th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
    • We will investigate keynote and demo reps before sending out a call for proposals
  • Summit theme and structure
    • "Failing Better / Lessons Learned" won the poll
      • Decided to structure the day as having presentations in the morning and 2 concurrent demo/workshops in the afternoon - demos could focus on the "failings" of the systems and how these were improved
        • Demos not to be surface level! Presenters to assume their audience knows the platforms
        • Highest votes for Archivematica, Omeka, Islandora, and Fedora - 90 minutes each = 2 concurrent demos in the afternoon (4 in total)

Third Meeting: Friday July 24 from 3:00-4:00


  1. Keynote - Pat to keep investigating 
  2. Demos
    1. Sent out emails to service providers
    2. Questions re: presenting remotely? Decided this is not a good idea.
    3. We will wait to hear back from those who might be able to attend in person.
      1. DGI can send a rep - contact is Erin Tripp,
  3. Call for proposals
    1. Gabriela Mircea will send out by mid-August
    2. Deadline = September 14th
    3. We'll review Sept. 14th - 18th
    4. Let people know if they're accepted by Sept. 18th 
  4. Look at Eventbrite for registration -
    1. We will do registration through Eventbrite. Gabriela Mircea will set up around August 12th. 
  5. Summit page
    1. Kelli Babcock will create this by August 12th 

Fourth Meeting: Friday August 14


  1. Keynote ideas
    1. Pat spoke with Ontario Privacy Commissioner, they will let her know by end of next week. Timeslot flexible. 
    2. We will wait and see if we can get the Ontario Privacy Commissioner before investigating other options.
  2. Demos
    1. Erin Tripp confirmed that someone from DGI for Islandora can come
    2. Gabriela waiting for Archivematica confirmation 
    3. Kelli will email Leanne about coming to talk about Dataverse/Archivematica integration
    4. Also talked about having someone at CISTI (federal science library) - joint session with Leanne? 
  3. Review call for proposals
    1. Gabriela will send this out
  4. Review Eventbrite
  5. Review Summit page
  6. Logistics
    1. Catering
      1. to be confirmed 10 days before the event, this means registration has to close on Oct 6
    2. Room set up
    3. Name badges
    4. Registration desk
    5. Other logistics?






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