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First meeting: Thursday June 18, 2015

In attendance: Kelly, Pat, Gabriela


1. Review feedback from last year

  • instead of poster session, have "demo" session
  • instead of having two streams (1 with a tech focus), have some sessions that could break out?
    • poll people > do people want the management side only or also the tech? Need to have mid-level tech to include both sides.
  • "it would be useful to have some pre-Summit homework or a testbed/sandbox to play in with all the software. "
    • might be hard to coordinate
    • could be helpful for assessing where people are 
    • consider when we have presenters interested
  • framing sessions around sustainability?


2. Discuss the logistics of holding an in-person summit is possible without funding

  • Gabriela Mircea will speak to her manager about committing meeting space and in kind support for food
  • Looking at October date - Kelli Babcock to send out poll once Gabriela hears confirmation
  • Kelli Babcock to send poll about summit theme:
    • Sessions on sustainability and ongoing management of digital curation
    • Sessions on increasing digital curation collaboration between institutions 
    • Workshops on practical skills in platforms
      • Islandora
      • Omeka
      • DSpace
      • Archivematica
      • Fedora 
    • Sessions on "Failing Better: Lessons learned"
    • Other topics (write in)


3. Come up with a plan :)

Gabriela Mircea to put together a plan (from last year: 2014 Event Planning)



Second Meeting: Thursday July 16


  • Keynote
    • Patricia Moore to investigate if the Privacy Commissioner of Long Term Preservation would be interested in being our keynote - present on how they have "failed better"
  • Save the date and call for proposals
    • Poll results:
      • Thursday, October 15th - 9.1%

        Friday, October 16th - 36.4%

        Both of these dates work for me - 54.4%

        Neither of these dates work for me - 0%

    • Kelli Babcock to send out save the date for Friday, October 16th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
    • We will investigate keynote and demo reps before sending out a call for proposals
  • Summit theme and structure
    • "Failing Better / Lessons Learned" won the poll
      • Decided to structure the day as having presentations in the morning and 2 concurrent demo/workshops in the afternoon - demos could focus on the "failings" of the systems and how these were improved
        • Demos not to be surface level! Presenters to assume their audience knows the platforms
        • Highest votes for Archivematica, Omeka, Islandora, and Fedora - 90 minutes each = 2 concurrent demos in the afternoon (4 in total)

Third Meeting: Friday July 24 from 3:00-4:00

Proposed agenda

  1. Keynote
  2. Demos
  3. Call for proposals
  4. Look at Eventbrite for registration
  5. Summit page



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