This error sometimes occurs when there is an unrecognized character in one of the requests included in a PDF report (e.g., picklist, bookband, etc.). If the PDF can't display the character, it returns an error message instead of displaying the report. 

To enable the report to display:

  • Call up the list of requests that should be in the report (e.g., "New Requests" section of the Work Queue for Standard Picklist, or "Idle" section of the Work Queue for Requester Picklist)

  • Scan the list for title / author fields containing diacritics or characters that are not displaying. Usually these will show up as squares in place of letters:
     sample request showing squares instead of diacritics

  • For the affected request: 
    • either action Request and set the Authorisation field to For Manual Authorisation (if request is Idle) or action Local Change Request Details (for any other status)
    • remove or replace the problematic character/s
    • click the action button to save the change

  • Re-run the report using Batch Reruns 
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