This error message can appear when staff try to Action or view Details of a request that has either many control numbers, or rota locations with many lines of holdings information, or both. It is a known bug in the Web interface that OCLC Development is investigating.

Depending on the cause of the error (control numbers vs. rota locations) it may be possible to edit the request in the Windows client and then continue working on the request in the Web as usual. If editing is not possible, then SPOT can Complete the request.

Bureau administrators can check / edit the request as follows: 

  1. Log in to the Windows client and call up the request details
  2. Go to the Responder tab of the request 
  3. Mouse over the rota locations to see if there are any with holdings information longer than 3 lines
    1. If yes:
      1. Select "Request" --> "Action" from the top ribbon bar to edit the request. (If different action options are given, select "Request" from the list.)

        Windows Client request options menu showing Action option

      2. Select one of the large holdings from the rota and click the "Remove Item" button from the top ribbon bar

        screenshot from Windows Client showing rota option and 'remove' button
      3. Repeat above step for other rota locations as needed.
      4. Optional extra step: If the request is Idle and you do not want it going through the rota yet, click the Main tab and change the Auth Status to "For Manual Authorisation". This will keep the request at the borrowing location so that you can work on it further before sending it out. 
      5. Click the green checkmark button (Save + Close) when done.
      6. Check the request in the staff Web interface. If the error message still appears, see option "b" below.

    2. If no, then the problem lies with the control numbers and is very time-consuming to fix. In this case simply email the request number to RACER support so that it can be completed. You may want to note the rota locations so that the request can be manually recreated without DocFind running and adding all the control numbers.
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