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The Odesi Operation Groups (OOG) is a precursor to the MarkIt Group. It was a sub-group of DINO (Data in Ontario, precursor to the ODC) that was meant to oversee <odesi> much like what the MarkIt Group does now. When <odesi> first started, Jane Fry (Carleton) , Michelle Edwards (UGuelph) and Leanne Trimble (who was the first odesi person at Scholars Portal) were the ones doing mark up. Queen's (Alex Cooper), McMaster (Vivek Jadon ) and OttawaU (Susan Mowers ) started doing mark up shortly after. We reported through the OOG to DINO.

As <odesi> started to grow and MarkIt Group was developing, the efficiency of the OOG as a sub-group meeting/reporting at DINO meetings came into question. There was not enough time to discuss detail and much of what was being discussed did not need to be discusses as part of the larger group. It was decided that the MarkIt group would have their own meetings to be able to discuss planning and marking up files and report back to DINO (which about this time became the ODC). We also take any questions about the collection or any issues we are not able to resolve to ODC. 

Credit: Alex Cooper

Meeting Minutes

The <odesi> operations group examines issues of relevance to odesi and provides recommendations and feedback to (SPOD/OCUL-SP).

OOG meeting minutes (login required for that SpotDoc Space)

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