You can change your password using either the Web or Windows client.

In the Web:
- click User from the left-hand side menu
- search for your staff user record by Surname or Barcode, whichever you prefer
- click Edit when the record appears in the results list
- enter the new password in the "Password" and "Confirm Password" fields
- select the "Update Password" box
- click the blue Save button

In Windows:
- in the selection manager pane on the left, click to expand the "New" selection
- double-click on Users to open a search on the right side
- search either "Exact User Barcode" or "Users by Surname/Forename/Initials" to call up your record
- select your record with the mouse and then toggle the Modify button to open the record
- enter a new password in the Password field
- click the 'save & close' button (green checkmark) when done

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