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Known Bugs

  • For last result in lengthy result list, "Add" button is unavailable
  • Links from "Browse" tab may in some cases not populate the "Results" tab
  • Declining the license agreement twice causes an error in Firefox
  • Downloaded TIFFs do not open on all computers
  • Coordinate system not defined for downloaded image files
  • Extent not properly defined for downloaded image files
  • Map navigation toolbar does not appear after switching to French interface (IE)
  • After clicking download map may zoom in unnecessarily (IE)
  • Metadata download does not work in IE
  • Legend icons do not appear in IE

Features under Development

  • Metadata editor tool
  • Rewrite of clip & ship script, to improve functionality - add additional output formats (vector and raster), output projections, correct problems with image downloading, notifications about and restrictions on download sizes, etc.
  • Provide complete vector datasets (e.g. pre-clipped by province) for single-click download
  • Additional browse options (browse by province, list of newly loaded data)
  • Toolbar with zoom, pan, etc.
  • Enhanced query options, e.g. query by attribute
  • User accounts / Shibboleth support
  • Ability to store map states, search results, user-created extents, etc. within a user account
  • Persistant linking to map states
  • Printing/exporting maps
  • Mark, email, save search results
  • RSS feed of data loaded
  • Option to remove the base map
  • Incorporate custom metadata into the downloads
  • Incorporate custom files into vector download packages (e.g. layer files when available)
  • Support for thumbnail views
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