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Article - the the basic unit for ejournals preservation. One article is considered one AIP in journal preservation, and corresponds to one <spPres> element. This AIP may contain multiple representations of a given article.

CDO - Content Data Object.

Content Type - A broadly defined collection within Scholars Portal under which preservation activities are handled in a consistent way, as directed by the Preservation Strategic Plan, which lays out the overall preservation strategy for Scholars Portal. Within a Content Type, object have the same criteria for inclusion into Preservation Levels, and essential properties are defined the same way. Examples of different Content Types include 'Journals' and 'eBooks'.

Dataset - In ejournals preservation, a logical grouping of content delivered from a publisher to Scholars Portal, generally arrivng through a push or pull FTP script. This term generally refers to a set of content delivered at a given point in time. A dataset corresponds to a SIP, and is usually split apart into a number of AIPs, one for each article.

Destination - The location within a mount for specific publisher ejournals. A new destination is created when the current destination reaches 200GB and is numbered ascendingly. Ex. /mnt/pillar/ejournals10/ieee8/done

Ejournals Database - The SP Marklogic database where normalized files are housed, are searchable by URI, and are accessible to the Designated Communities.

Loader - A series of software programs created by SP for each publisher, to automatically lead content through the ingest process. Please see Workflow Charts

Mount - A UNIX command that makes a directory accessible within Scholars Portal Pillar. All SP ejournals are stored under a numbered mount. A new mount is created when the current mount reaches 2TB, and is numbered ascendingly. Ex. /mnt/pillar/ejournals10

NIH - See NLM.

NLM - National Library of Medicine. In particular, this usually refers to the NLM-developed metadata standard used to describe journal articles in Scholars Portal systems: the NLM Journal Archiving and Interchange Tag Suite. May also be called NIH.

Object - Within an AIP, a single bitstream represented by one <spObject> element. Usually corresponds to a single file, but may be used to represent bitstreams in a complex file.

OCUL - Ontario Council of University Libraries.

Pillar - Scholars Portal's long term disk storage.

Preservation Levels - A set of Preservation Activities that make up a strategy for the curation of a piece of content. Preservation Level is primarily a function of the object's compliance with Scholars Portal's criteria for inclusion into the repository, as defined in the Preservation Strategic Plan. Possible Preservation Levels include "Full", "Bit-level", and "None".

SP - Scholars Portal.

UTL - University of Toronto Libraries.

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