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Scholars Portal Definition of SIP

1.            Submission Information Package (SIP)

o       The information package that is delivered to Scholars Portal for use in the construction of one or more AIPs.

o       The format of the SIP may vary from provider to provider, based on the publisher's willingness and ability to provide the content and metadata in a specific format.

o       In all cases, the level of content the publisher will provide will be specified in the OCUL License agreement, or in a document supplementing the same.

o       For preservation, Scholars Portal requires PDF versions of the content, and publisher-supplied XML or SGML (in a format agreed upon between SP and the publisher) containing descriptive metadata and full-text content is strongly encouraged.

2.            References 2.1.  OAIS (2002) CCSDS 650.0-B-1: Reference Model for an Open Archival   

Information System (OAIS). Blue Book. Issue 1. January 2002 (ISO         14721:2003)

accessed 2011.08.24

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