- The repository shall bring the Content Information of the AIP up to the required level of understandability if it fails the understandability testing.


In concert with OCUL IR and various appointed committees that tell SP what the collection should look like, SP collects material in accordance with collection development best practices. In the end, the scope of SP's collection is determined by the Designated Community through the Collection Policy.

All Provider produced metadata is normalized to a standard acceptable by SP and the Designated Community.
If a Content information format within the repository is no longer understandable by the Designated Community, the content information will be migrated to an understandable format agreed upon through consultation with the Designated Community.

SP will continue working to provide accessibility for the Designated Community to all of its material in accordance with its Preservation Strategic Plan. The repository is currently establishing an accessibility program for people with special needs.


Digital Preservation Policy Librarian

Relevant Documents

  1. Designated Community Definition
  2. Collection Policy
  3. Preservation Strategic Plan
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