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Many of the Scholars Portal Applications are equipped with REST Services allowing your institution to access the underlying data for use in your own internal applications. The following page lists the URLs which will enable you access to these resources. If you require additional information not available from this pagethese pages, please make a request using the contact form for the specific application in question.

Scholars Portal Books

The starting URL should be "" and the rest is any parameter compatible with Solr (more about search parameters:


Scholars Portal Journals



Searching for records in ODESI can be done by calling the Base URL '' followed by your search parameters as outlined below and ending with the URL encoded string '%26options%3Dodesi-opts2%26format%3Djson' which specifies the search options and format type (either json or xml). 

The entire search request is to be surrounded in round brackets with each search term also surrounded in round brackets.
E.g to search for 'smoking' you would add '((smoking))' to the Base URL as follows

To filter your search, prefix one of the following two letter codes to your search term; VL for Variable/Category Label, TI for Title, KW for Keywords, AB for Abstract, SE for Series.
E.g to search for 'smoking' in the title of a record, add  '((TI:smoking))' to the end of the  Base URL as follows

To sort the search results by 'date', add 'AND (sort:date)' within the search request as follows AND (sort:date)%26options%3Dodesi-opts2%26format%3Djson

To restrict the search results after a specific year (say 1999), add 'AND (date GE 1999)' within the search request as follows AND (date GE 1999)%26options%3Dodesi-opts2%26format%3Djson 

To restrict the search results before a specific year (say 1999), add 'AND (date LE 1999)' within the search request as follows AND (date LE 1999)%26options%3Dodesi-opts2%26format%3Djson 

Searches can be quite complex afforded by the underlying MarkLogic database. See for examples of more complex searches.

To retrieve the metadata for a record, take the URI of a record and append to the end of the GetDetails Base URL ''.
E.g to show the metadata for the first record of the 'smoking' search results, add '/odesi/sos-82M0008E-E-1994.xml' to the end of the GetDetails Base URL as follows



ExLibris (SFX, bX, etc.)