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 Foundation Documents

Trustworthy Repositories Audit \& Certification Checklist - (PDF) - Version 1 of the TRAC checklist, est. 2007.

TRAC2 Audit Criteria - a list of criteria included in the TRAC2 draft metrics. As the self-audit progresses, each criteria will be updated to describe Scholars Portal's compliance.

Documentation Initiative

Documentation Checklist - a visual checklist of the pieces of required documentation for the TDR audit. As they are created/updated, links to the corresponding pieces of documentation will be made available.

Documentation Timeline - Outlines when each piece of documentation is expected to be completed. Note that many of these documents depend on each other, and this timeline is subject to change.

Documentation for TRAC audit - An alternate view of the documentation list, sorted by documentation type.

Other Documentation

Notes from weekly calls - Here are notes from the weekly calls between Scholars Portal and CRL.


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