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4.1.7 - The repository shall provide the producer/depositor with appropriate responses at agreed points during the ingest processes.

Supporting Text

This is necessary in order to ensure that the producer can verify that there are no inadvertent lapses in communication which might otherwise allow loss of SIPs.

Examples of Ways the Repository can Demonstrate it is Meeting this Requirement



SP maintains logs that list relevant information at each point in the ingest process listed below. These are available to the Provider upon request.

  • Pull Script - after the SIP is successfully pulled into the loader, the script makes a record of the FTPed files with the file name, size and current date and adds the file name to the FTP downloaded log file. If there is an error, the Provider is notified.
  • Preparation of Datasets - if decompression of datasets is unsuccessful, the script adds the file name to the publisher error log and to the publisher problem directory. In the case where the file is found to be corrupt, the Provider is notified.
  • Ejournals Loader - datasets are converted from the Provider XML/SGML into NLM XML, given a URI and inserted into the ejournals database. Any errors are recorded in a log file.


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