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Comprehensive, systematic risk assessment is essential to the long-term security and reliability of SP and its archived information. In a financial context, risk assessment helps the repository identify and evaluate threats that could disrupt normal operations or impair its ability to meet its Mandatory Responsibilities and contracted contractual obligations. SP began formally documenting and analyzing risks in the fall of 2011. The participants included key personnel from SP, OCUL, and the University of Toronto Libraries, and the Libraries' Information Technology Services. In many cases, the risk analysis documented threats that librarians, systems administrators, and programmers had already addressed in the design and implementation of the repository.

Please see the Risk Analysis and Management Strategies [] document for details. This document identifies threats, assesses their probability and potential impact, and provides an overview of the repository's risk-minimization and prevention strategies.


  1. Risk Analysis and Management Strategies
  2. Critical Processes and OAIS Mandatory Responsibilities