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Open the DCT for a tabular file

Edit a file in the DCT and save changes to Dataverse

Create a group in the DCT and add variables to itAlex Cooper

this works, but I have some suggestions to enhance it.

Once a variable is added to a group, can it be marked so the user knows it is in a group? 

When removing variables from a group, you cannot select multiple variables to remove at once.

When multiple variables are selected and added to a group, they stay selected. Is there a way to have then cleared once they are added?

Is is possible to created sub-groups within a variable group?

View the HTML codebook to verify changes made in the DCT (under 'Export Metadata' > 'DDI HTML Codebook' on a file page)Alex CooperI was able to download the codebook but the changes I made where not included. 

Permissions & Access Control


TaskTested ByTester NotesSP Notes
Log in with a Shibboleth accountAlex CooperQueen's wasn't listed so I tried using "Allow me to type the name of my institution" and the Continue button was disabled. I had to log in using my email. 


TaskTested By

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Retrieve SWORD service document

Add files to a dataset via SWORD API

Test metadata export