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The Scholars Portal Dataverse team has been hard at work on the new Dataverse Data Curation Tool as part of our Canarie RDM grant project.
Development on this project is being led by Victoria Lubitch, Programmer/Analyst at Scholars Portal.

The Data Curation Tool (DCT) allows data owners and curators to create and edit variable-level metadata for any tabular file in a dataset.
Users can access this tool as a modular application once they’ve uploaded a
tabular file (e.g., SPSS, R, Excel, CSV) to a dataset in Dataverse.


Similar to tools like SPSS, the DCT allows users to view summary statistics about their data, add variable information like 'Interviewer Instructions'
or 'Notes', create variable groups, and indicate weighting variables.


Usability testing sessions were recently completed with 5 participants, who worked through a series of tasks and helped us identify areas where
the user experience could be improved in the tool. We’re now working on translating this tool to be used in French, with translations provided by
the University of Ottawa.

A demo of this tool is available online, and the code can be accessed on GitHub. The Data Curation Tool will be launched with the next
Scholars Portal Dataverse upgrade, currently scheduled for the end of October, and will be available for community testing soon.

If you have any comments or suggestions, contact us at If you would like to see all the updates and
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