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IssueStatus/Recommended Solution
Unable to upload a zip file in Dataverse without being unzippedRecommended to double-zip the file to maintain as a zip or use a tar package.
I did not receive an email for approval to publish a dataset

Confirm that you are still an admin for the Dataverse where the data was published, particularly if it's in a sub-dataverse. Verify the permissions to ensure that users are "submitting datasets for review"

Error uploading file "Tabular ingest failed" 

For tabular file types (e.g., excel, csv, SPSS, etc), Dataverse tries to produce a non-proprietary format (tab-delimited) as part of its tabular ingest process. Users can still download the original format, in addition to this derivative file. More details can be found here:

The tabular ingest can fail for a number of reasons. Common issues include commas within the cells. If the data is a text string, you could wrap the text in quotation marks. 

However, you can also ignore the error. The file will still be downloadable by other users as is and users won’t be able to see the caution symbol (viewable only by admins/curators/contributors of the dataset). Just so you know, if Dataverse cannot convert it into a tab file, it won’t be able to be used with the Data Explorer or the Data Curation tool, for example.

Why isn't my institution in the drop down menu upon login/sign-up?The drop-down menu is only for institutions who have registered for the Shibboleth Research & Scholarship entity profile, so their users can login using their institution’s single sign-on. More details below.
Can users who are not affiliated with an institution create an account?Anyone can sign up for an account in Dataverse and will receive an affiliation of "OTHER." Those who are not affiliated with a participating institution need to request access to deposit by the Dataverse admins or the collaborators who are affiliated with a participating institution.
How do I create file hierarchies for my dataset?

We found the easiest approach is to zip up the folder that contains the files within the hierarchy. Dataverse will unpack the zip and the directory structure will be stored in the metadata (you can view this by looking at the file name paths). Once you save the dataset, you can toggle between the flat file structure “table view” and the “tree view” to see the hierarchy. You can also edit the file metadata to make any changes to the file hierarchy.

I logged in with Shibboleth/single sign-on and no longer have the same permissions level.In some cases, the email address that your initial account was created with and the email used by Shibboleth may be different - in this case, you may end up with 2 accounts in the system. To resolve this issue, contact the Scholars Portal team to merge these accounts.
Can I create a custom permissions role for my dataverse?Custom roles can be created through the API by super users (the SP team). To create a custom role, contact the Scholars Portal team.
Can I change the year used in a dataset citation?The year in the dataset citation can be changed with the Dataverse API as long as it exists in the dataset's metadata record (e.g. as the date of distribution, or date of deposit). If you are not familiar with how to use the API, contact the Scholars Portal team to run the command. In your email, please include a link to the dataset and which metadata field you want to use for the citation date.

You can find out more about the API command used on our Dataverse API page.
What external sources are harvesting SP Dataverse metadata records?

Single Sign-On (Shibboleth)