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, 10-11am


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5minWelcome/IntroductionsBridget Whittle Item

1Canopus project updateSteve Marks 
  • Working on the development on new DAMS at UofT Canopus - it is now in production!
    • One of our issues has been lots of different platforms and keeping track of all of it and think/plan/address in a uniform way, tried to centralize, but there were always technical issues - scaling, suitability - Moved towards a DAMS model
  • Steve gave a demo of Canopus DAMS, showing the interface and discussed some of the reasoning behind the technical decisions
  • The DAMS is controlled by a series of APIs that do various tasks including retrieval, renaming, etc. If you need to pull all files from a collection, you can retrieve via identifier etc. through the API and show location etc.
  • The DAMS has enabled an analysis dashboard in kibana that provides counts of files, size, breakdown of types
  • This has been developed with Scholars Portal because it is a problem facing the whole OCUL community
5minGoings-on at Scholars PortalGrant Hurley
  • Permafrost - if you have questions or are interested
  • Working on integrating dataverse and archivematica into production with core code in 1.9
  • Digital Preservation Management Workshops will be happening at Ryerson, registration some point later in June
  • Integration with duracloud - mgmt layer to work with LOCKSS and OLRC
  • Working on TDR for journals migrating to mardown format to make it easier to edit and manage
2minCall for New ModeratorBridget
  • 2 year term
co-moderate with someone for a year
  • Welcome and add new members
  • Arrange community calls (somewhere between 2-4 a year)
  • Write yearly report to the OCUL board

Action items