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  • The sandbox is connected to a test Dataverse repository in Scholars Portal's demonstration Dataverse. The test Dataverse contains three sample datasets for testing purposes. 

    • If you'd like to submit your own data to test, you may do so but you will need to create an account on the Demo Dataverse instance first. Your dataset will be reviewed by Scholars Portal staff and you will be informed whether it is suitable to open for testing. To submit a dataset for review, navigate to the Archivematica Test Dataverse and click the "Add Data" button on the right side. If you need instructions on how to add datasets, see this guide starting from step 3. Note that to submit data for review, an account on the Demo Dataverse instance is also required. Please also  Please also note that if you submit your own test data, it will be available to anyone who has access to the sandbox

  • The sandbox refreshes nightly. If you wish to keep any stored data, please do so immediately. 

  • The following are known issues that will be fixed in a future release of Archivematica:
    • Multiple authors are not captured in the Dataverse METS - only the first author listed is.
    • When using the Dataverse transfer type, it is not possible to delete packages after extraction if the package contains derivatives. The processing configuration in the Archivematica-Dataverse demo instance has been configured to take this into account. 
    • Additional known issues are listed on Archivematica's Dataverse wiki page.

  • If you use the sandbox, we would appreciate your feedback to identify areas for future development. Please send your feedback to or complete this Google form, which you can submit anonymously.