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The Best Practices Guide Subset for GeoPortal metadata is a Word document that can be downloaded via this link.


Below are some instructions and best practices Below are a list of best practices and instructions for creating metadata in the Scholars GeoPortal. This list includes general 'how-to' explanations; for a detailed list of metadata fields used in SP's instance of NAP, and how to complete them, see the guide to NAP metadata fields on on Spotdocs. A list of common errors caused by metadata, and how to troubleshoot these, is also available on Spotdocs.


For more information see: Naming Conventions

Note: If you are creating a record for a service that should function as an index (index functionality) this service must have _vt as part of the service name, and so as part of the URI. Otherwise, the GeoPortal does not understand how to present these services to the user. If you encounter an index service without _vt in the naming convention, please report this to Jo Ashley so that it can be corrected.