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  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Sharing resources - our Who's Got What Gear page hadn't been updated in a while. Is this a resource we want to maintain, is it useful?

    • It wasn't clear how much people had used it inside or outside the organization, though one member had checked for vintage hardware. 
    • (red star)Participants agreed that institutions would update it (if they hadn't already) 
  • Archivematica Subgroup
    • Grant Hurley and Bridget Whittle are putting together some sort of subgroup for Archivematica users to share information and help support each other. We're interested in including institutions both inside and outside OCUL as well as keeping in touch with similar groups.
  • Digital Curation Summit
    • Is anyone interested in hosting? Has the Summit run its course for now?
      • Past organizers agreed that it was valuable, but recognized that travel made it difficult.
      • Types of sessions that would be useful: short, practical lightning talks - this is what we're doing; what projects people are working on; what people are using; what challenges people are facing/what went wrong and how we fixed it.
      • Suggestion of aligning it with OLA to make travel easier - a number of members were in support of this and willing to help with organizing around that.
  • File Wrapper Formats for Moving Image Preservation
    • Andrea Kosavic gave an overview of the environmental scan they have conducted regarding moving image preservation and seemed to see a shift towards FSV1 codec and Matroska wrapper
    • Discussion around how this was often a debate between what we do when we digitize things ourselves or when we receive born digital material. Also issues around size of files and the ability to store things as well as providing access.
    • Suggestion of creating a working group to test options and come up with set of standards for digitzation and preservation of moving images, workflows, benchmarking - plan to come up with good enough and ideal models to allow for flexibility in institutions.
    • (red star)Working group to be created
  • Hyku Repository
  • Is Anyone using IIIF view for virtual exhibits in 3rd party software
  • Is anyone attending CARL/Web Archiving meeting Sept. 20th and can talk a little about what it is
    • It is a starting point for web archiving - Jeremy Heil