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Discussion Items

  • Review of Action Items
    • (red star)Sarah Simpkin and Pat Moore looking into possibility of hosting an Ottawa based event in the coming year.
      • WE HAVE IGNITION! A UofO/Carleton co-sponsored summit event is being tentatively looked at for Friday, October 28.
      • Event will likely be held at Carleton
      • Sarah SimpkinPatricia Moore, and Anthony Petryk are currently looking for suggestions for speakers/sessions/etc.
        • (red star)Stephen Marks will send out a call to the broader community for suggestions and/or volunteers to help
  • Planning for OCUL DP Policy Webinar Sabina Pagotto (moved from Open Gabfest due to scheduling)
    • Scholars Portal is putting on a webinar on the topic of digital preservation policy, based on the survey Jess Whyte did of OCUL schools (as presented at OLA 2016). Jess will be speaking to the survey itself, but SP would love a couple of institutions who are or have grappled with preservation policy to speak to their experiences to help provide OCUL context and hopefully foster a conversation. Please contact Sabina Pagotto and Amber Leahey if you are interested in participating. Estimated time of presentation would be 5-10 minutes, so no big deal really.
  • Community meta-discussion
    • Annual report due soon - contents? Stephen Marks
      • It's going to be short, with a report on the 2015 summit and a few words about plans for next year. Talk to Stephen Marks if you have other things you think need to be on there.
  • OLRC update - Stephen MarksNick Ruest
    • Nothing much right now.
  • Platform updates
    • Archivematica
      • Dataverse-Archivematica integration testing (call for working group participants) Amber Leahey
        • This code is working on Artefactual's dev servers, but SP is still in the process of getting it working on their local instance. When it is up, significant testing needs to be conducted, and volunteers are needed!
    • Dataverse
      • Dataverse 4 update Amber Leahey
        • SP is in the process of testing Dataverse 4 versions. Version 4.3 finally has most of the OCUL-required features necessary for the SP instance to migrate, and it is slated to be released March 31. Current plan is to bring up a test server/migrate test data over the summer, and to upgrade production by Fall.
  • Project ARC/Portage - Stephen Marks
    • Talk about Portage/Compute Canada partnership
      • No significant updates at this time.
  • Open gabfest 
      Planning for OCUL DP Policy Webinar Sabina Pagotto
    • SP Preservation Policy review project Stephen MarksNick Ruest
      • The proposal circulated in email was discussed. Everybody thinks it is an alright idea, could drive engagement, serve as an educational opportunity, etc.
      • (red star)Stephen Marks will discuss further with SP/OCUL folks to get an idea of timelines, and send a call for participants to the larger community.
    • Jeremy Heil: Nancy McGovern's Digital Preservation Management workshop is likely coming to Halifax in September. This is a great class, and great opportunity to avoid usurious exchange rates while learning about digital preservation topics.
    • Jeremy Heil: Queens is looking at sponsoring some updates to the AtoM Locations module. Get in touch if you have your own needs in this area and want to collaborate!