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  1. McGill:

    No.Name             Price

    Kirtas KABIS I

    Page images are captured using the latest Canon 22MP cameras

    in full 24 bit color in a fraction of a second; one for left-side pages and one for right-side pages.

    The images can be captured at 325 dpi resolution with superior sharpness and excellent color fidelity.

    Comment :

    This scanner is very pricy and does not have a V-shaped glass.

    2  Book2net V-Scan Cobra
    • Parallel use of two high performance CCD sensors with 40 Megapixel
    • High resolution of 300-800 ppi
    • 0.3 sek. scanning time / dualpage
    • 1.9 sek. processing time
    • Optimized signal to noise relation for OCR recognition
    • Need to have technicians come to adjust the cameras




  2. North Carolina Digital Heritage Center