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October 17, 2014



Local: 416-933-3828
Toll-free: 1-866-602-6845
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Discussion Items

5 min2014 OCUL Digital Curation Summit

Kelli BabcockJenny JingUnknown User (saraa)Laurie MorrisonStephen MarksNick Ruest

  • Event scheduled on November 21st from 9:30 to 4:30 at Robarts Library
  • Event details page: 2014.11.21 OCUL Digital Curation Summit
  • Unknown User (saraa) and Anika Ervin-Ward coordinated registration for the event
    • 30 registrations with 6 on waitlist as of 2014.10.15
    • We will open up registration to the broader community on October 27th
    • Maximum registration is 60
  • Registration confirmations to be sent by Kelli Babcock
  • Catering options to be booked by Kelli Babcock
  • Thanks everyone for updating abstracts and agreeing to present (smile) It's going to be a good event!
  • Anna to send an invite to Larry at the Archives of Ontario
5 min

2015 OCUL Digital Curation Summit Budget Proposal

 Kelli BabcockJenny Jing
  • Kelly and Jenny took the lead on this to put together an activity plan for next year
  • Nick submitted to OCUL - will let us know when he hears back
10 mins

Regional Digitization Centres proposal 

Jenny Jing, Anna St. OngeJeremy HeilStephen Marks
  • Everyone to take a look at the proposal
  • Idea is to minimize the work that might be duplicated across institutions
  • Challenge is to provide opportunities for other institutions to participate without the project getting out of scope
  • Timeline - hasn't gone to OCUL yet, will first go to OCUL Planning & Assessment Committee who will either send back with comments or send forward to the Directors
    • Next Directors meeting is at the end of November, but we're probably too late to submit the proposal in time
    • However, P&A Committee accepts proposals any time
  • Feedback on the list was that some things needed to be flushed out
    • Maps/GIS group had a similar idea so there might be some crossover
  • Anna notes that a similar project is being undertaken by the Moving Image Archives Network (question)
10 mins

OLRC updates

Stephen MarksNick Ruest
  • Used to be ODLRC, now Ontario Large Research Cloud (OLRC)
  • Testing took place over the summer between GTA universities (TRY universities)
  • Working through technical details, mostly where the five nodes will be located (UofT, York, three other institutions)
  • Should be going into production once all the nodes are set up
  • Currently gathering documentation from each institution regarding data centres, costs, minimum requirements, etc.
  • Ideally, will launch in November
    • Work plan is still in effect (i.e. Archivematica as a storage option)
  • Check the OLRC Spotdocs for more updates
5 mins

Format Policy Registry group

Nick RuestStephen Marks
  • From Open Repositories, how can we work together across repository systems?
  • Looking at how various platforms (Islandora, Hydra, Fedora, etc) can integrate with Archivematica's Format Policy Registration system
15 mins

Updates from LAC

Tom Smyth
  • Manager of the Digital Capacity shop at LAC - branch lead for management of documentary heritage in digital form
  • Business leadership, development of LAC's TDR - looking forward to collaborating with the group to draw on experiences with TDR and digital preservation initiatives
  • Communications channel from the group to LAC regarding the TDR
  • Just finished the technical phase with auditor
  • Formal policy group will be forming shortly to develop an institutional digital strategy for the TDR
  • Will share documents for feedback:
    • LAC Local Digital Format Registry 2.0
    • Transfer Guidelines for digital documentary heritage
    • Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Standard for Digitization in Canada (will be available in January)
      • Critical feedback most welcome
  • Currently working on a business strategy for the ingest of archival material
  • Question about scope of TDR - will likely be looking at specific program streams within LAC for inclusion in the TDR (theses, archival material)
    • Born-digital materials likely to be front-runners for inclusion
  • Hoping to have TDR node up and running by 2017 - aligns with overall government policy of digital-by-default (already a reality in some areas)

Action Items