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  •  Pick a day: November 7, 14 or 21
    •  November 21st - 9:30-4:30
    •  Kelli Babcock booked Media Production at UofT to record the event (no cost)
  •  Confirm room capacity - 60 people max
    •  How will people register? free + Unknown User (saraa) to set up online registration page (Google Forms or UTSC's registration thing)
  •  Pick a name for event - OCUL Digital Curation Community Summit at UofT
    •  How to promote/who to promote to - Unknown User (saraa) and Anika will coordinate promoting the event
    •  Note: using UofT rooms = have to promote as both OCUL and UofT event.
  •  Assign next steps
    •  Contacting speakers
    •  Catering (Kelli Babcock will look into)
    •  Go through meeting/event planning form above

Summit Feedback

Feedback compiled: OCUL Digital Curation Summit 2014 - Feedback - Google Forms copy.pdf