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  • 2014-03-03 Meeting Notes

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  •  Nick Ruest will work with SP / OCUL to regarding event budget and funding request.
  •  Nick Ruest and Jeremy Heil will work on the gap survey, for the end of March
  •  Leanne Trimble will set up a page on the wiki restricted to this community
  •  Nick Ruest will set up a page on the wiki for "digitization dreams"
  •  Who will contact OCUL-SP about communicating with all OCUL schools about the gap survey?
  •  Leanne Trimble will investigate why the Geo Community is not on the spotdocs landing page, and send a link to the community wiki to this group
  •  Cheryl Woods will report to the Geo Community about the meeting and let them know about the wiki pages gathering information on who is digitizing what