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Willing to Share Expertise?

Up to date as of

York University

Nick Ruest, Andrea Kosavic, Anna St. Onge

DSpace, Fedora Commons, Islandora, Omeka

Heritrix, FITS, warc-tools, Open Refine, BagItDC, MODS, PREMIS, EAD, RAD


Queen's UniversityJeremy Heil, Alex Fletcher

Archives: Archivematica, AtoM, Omeka, Islandora 8

Library: DSpace

Bagit, Exactly, Archive-It, Bitcurator, AccessFTK, OpenRefineEAD, EAC, RAD, DC, PREMISYes (we'll do our best!)2021-06-24
McMaster UniversityGabriela MirceaIslandora, DSpaceFITS, BagitDC, MODS, PREMISSure.
LaurentianDSpace, Internet Archive
DC. In the glorious future, schema.orgAbsolutely2020-05-14
RyersonMJ SuhonosIslandora
DC, MODSOf course.
University of Toronto

For access (Kelli):

  • digital collections are in Islandora 7 (to be migrated 2021-2022)
  • archival descriptions are in AtoM

Trent University

Islandora 7 (migration in process to 8), AtoM, Internet Archive

ABBYY Fine Reader, Capture One,DC, MODS, ETD-MSYes (although I tend to lean on others!)2021-06-24