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Willing to Share Expertise?

Up to date as of

York University

Nick Ruest, Andrea Kosavic, Anna St. Onge

DSpace, Fedora Commons, Islandora, Omeka

Heritrix, FITS, warc-tools, Open Refine, BagItDC, MODS, PREMIS, EAD, RAD


Queen's UniversityJeremy Heil, Alex Fletcher

Archives: Archivematica, AtoM, Omeka

Library: DSpace

Bagit, Archive-It, BitcuratorEAD, EAC, RAD, DC, PREMISYes (we'll do our best!)
McMaster UniversityGabriela MirceaIslandora, DSpaceFITS, BagitDC, MODS, PREMISSure.
LaurentianDSpace, Internet Archive
DC. In the glorious future, schema.orgAbsolutely2020-05-14
RyersonMJ SuhonosIslandora
DC, MODSOf course.
University of TorontoFedora Commons, Islandora, Omeka, AtoM, DSpace (ITS beginning to look at Avalon for our media server, too)FITS, Bagit, Kryoflux, BitcuratorDC, MODS, Darwin Core in Islandora; ISADG and EAD in AtoM, PREMIS, METSYep!

For access (Kelli):

  • digital collections are in Islandora 7 (to be migrated 2021-2022)
  • archival descriptions are in AtoM