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3.4.1 - The repository shall have short- and long-term business planning processes in place to sustain the repository over time.

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The OCUL Executive Office maintains short- and long-term business and financial plans This is necessary in order to ensure the continued viability of the repository over the period of time it has promised to provide access to its contents for its Designated Community.

Examples of Ways the Repository can Demonstrate it is Meeting this Requirement


the consortium's preservation operations. This planning is done in concert with the SP Director and the OCUL Directors, who provide financial support for the growth and maintenance of the repository. Documentation of this process is available from the OCUL Executive Director.

Scholars Portal has been in continuous funded operation since 2002.


OCUL Executive Director

OCUL Directors

SP Director

Relevant Documents

  1. OCUL/SP Financial Plans (available on request)
  2. OCUL Directors Meeting Final Reports (digests available online , full reports on request)