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4.2.9 - The repository shall provide an independent mechanism for verifying the integrity of the repository collection/content.


SP maintains various logs for both downloaded files and errors. A number of tests are performed on the files throughout the ingest process . Frequent manual checks are run on archived items to ensure quality. Please see criteria to ensure that everything that is recieved as part of a Provider's dataset is ingested into the repository. See 4.2.1 - 4.2.4 .2 and 4.1.1 - 4.1.8 for details.8.

SP provides mechanisms to ensure that the content held in the repository remains uncorrupted through the use of regular fixity checks. See XXXXXXXXX

While SP has a record and can generate a list of everything it has in the repositiry, the repository can only ingest the content that a Provider chooses to send. It is difficult to know whether or not this represents the entirety of the collection without a complete list to check it against. These gaps can be identified through feedback from the Designated Community. Additionally, SP supports and is involved with the Keepers Registry in order to help create a central registry of scholarly journal content.


Digital Preservation Policy Librarian

Relevant Documents

Quality Control Plan

See TRAC items 4.2.1


- 4.2.


See also 4.1.1 - 4 and 4.1.8