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SP staff collaborate with personnel from the University of Toronto Libraries' Information Technology Services (ITS) department to evaluate information about hardware performance. Evaluations vary in formality according to the circumstances. The most extensive assessments take place whenever large components, such as the repository's servers or storage array network, require replacement. When necessary, systems administrators at SP and ITS consult vendors for additional information and advice. Staff evaluate potential changes for their effect on the integrity and understandability of information, the speed and efficiency interoperability of the system, and the accessibility and usability of disseminated content. Staff also take the cost of hardware into account.


Digital Preservation Policy Librarian


There is a risk that systems personnel, who know the Designated Community, system requirements, and system behaviour intimately, will leave the organization at some point. To minimize the impact of this situation, SP uses well known hardware components and distributes delegates critical knowledge responsibilities to several people. At the same time, SP can draw on the expertise of systems administrators at ITS for help with hardware evaluation.