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Scholars Portal has a clear understanding of the type of Content Information and Information Properties that it preserves.
As stated in the Preservation Implementation Plan and further described in the Preservation Action Plan, for the Full Preservation level for journal articles, currently acceptable formats include PDF and XML. XML articles may have diagrams in GIF, JPG, TIFF, or PNG format. Articles not in these formats (or those unable to be converted to these formats) may still be preserved at the Bit-level Preservation level. Supplementary materials will be accepted in any format, and preserved at the Bit-level preservation level.

Scholars Portal's ejournal SIPs that eventually become AIPs are all fairly similar in composition and are therefore recorded and treated in a uniform mannerAll content information and information properties are recorded in the metadata specifications.


Digital Preservation Policy Librarian - Ensures proper functioning of overall system.

Relevant Documents

  1. Preservation Strategic Plan
  2. Preservation Implementation Plan
  3. Preservation Action Plan
  4. Collection Development Policy
  5. Metadata Specification