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Comment: Migrated to Confluence 4.0 - The repository shall have adequate hardware and software support for backup functionality sufficient for preserving the repository content and tracking repository functions.


SP is committed to using current, reliable, and adequate hardware and software to backup its data, databases, applications, logs, and administrative documents. In the event of a disaster that results in data corruption or loss, SP can restore information from one of two TSM backup copies, one of which is stored at an off-site facility. Beyond the repository's own copies, it may be possible to re-ingest copies held by content Providers. The repository uses industry-standard practices for backup management and media refreshment in order to ensure the long-term integrity of information. Since the repository's information resides on a storage platform managed by the University of Toronto Libraries' Information Technology Services (ITS) department, SP staff are not directly involved in the day-to-day management of the backup system.

Please see the Backup Plan for complete information.

SP is developing a Disaster Recovery Plan that describes emergency contacts, staff roles and responsibilities, communication policies, and data recovery procedures.


Digital Preservation Policy Librarian

Systems Administrators

Potential Risks

SP does not have an online mirror site that can disseminate the information in the event of data corruption or loss. For that reason, efforts to restore data from a tape backup may result in temporary service outages.

Monitoring Commitments

SP has polices and procedures for regular assessment and refreshment of backup media. Please see the Backup Plan for more information. Both the Backup Plan and the Disaster Recovery Plan are subject to regular review based on the Review Cycle for Documentation Policy.

Future Plans

SP and ITS recognize that the implementation of an online mirror site would provide an additional layer of security and ensure continuous service in the event of a disaster. In the long run, the repository would like to establish a mirror site to provide online redundancy of archival storage, data management, and dissemination systems.

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