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Comment: Migrated to Confluence 4.0 - Repository shall have a documented process for testing understandability for their Designated Communities of the Content Information of the AIPs at their creation.


SP has an active and diverse Designated Community, composed of librarians, faculty, researchers, and students, who provide feedback about the intellectual understandability of Content Information. SP receives direct feedback from the Feedback Forum located on the repository's user interface and from a  'contact support' email address. SP reviews all feedback from users about the repository and, where possible, works to resolve understandability issues. SP receives indirect feedback from users through ongoing communication with OCUL member institutions.

To support usability, SP has a DTD and documentation describing what an acceptably formatted object looks like. In addition, SP processes each file to generate format identification and validation. The output created by this processing is then run through a style sheet that formats the information into PREMIS metadata. This metadata is stored with the content object and used by SP to ensure understandability of the contents in the repository.


Digital Preservation Policy Librarian

Relevant Documents

  1. Designated Community Definition
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