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Comment: Migrated to Confluence 4.0 - The repository shall uniquely identify each AIP within the repository.


SP's AIPs are identified by their unique URIs. For journal article AIPs, SP URIs are consistently constructed in the following manner:

  • /<ISSN>/v<volume number>i<issue number padded to four digits>/<article hash>
  • The article hash is generated by concatenating the starting page number of the article, an underscore character, the first letter of the first six words in the article title, and the first letter in the last six words in the article title. In cases where there are not enough words in the article title to construct to this specification, the first letters of each word in the title are used.
  • In the case of a collision, the URI that was generated will be appended with an underscore (_) and a sequential number beginning with one. This number will increment for each duplicate URI.
  • In the case of a replacement article, the new copy of an article will supersede the old and claim the original identifier. The old copy of the article will retain the original identifier with “_old1” added onto the end. If another newer copy replaces the previous one, the previous will retain the identifier with “_old2” added.

Please see URI & File Naming Plan for complete details.


Digital Preservation Policy Librarian

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